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Tie's Page
this is my best friend on the net's page!
Shilo's Place
It's very nice, and I like to visit every once in a while!
PuDDyTaT's Home Page
It's so cute!
Aftermath's page
Kelly White's Free Links Page
use frames
Bond's Superpage *L*
This is Bond's I love me page!

My Friends at Netcentral

Saraphine--this is my little sister...I mean really...blood and everything.
TieDye--This girl is my bestest friend on the net!
Dusk--long and wierd story, but she's kind of my sis...
River Run--One of my best friends at school...
BrnEydGrl--her name is Michele, and she spells it the same as 
me, which is what makes her soooo cool!
SandraD--Sandy is going to write an award winning Broadway
musical...and I'm going to star in it!!!
Brian Hackett--he's so damn cool...I would do anything for 
him! Hackett's Rule!!!
Joe Hackett--Brian's if it isn't obvious...He's 
pretty exciting...
Christian Robert--he's the sweetest Canadian in the whole
wide world! I love you! *hugz* and *kisses*
ant100--she is a totally cool chica!
thighs--I'm sorry I didn't put you on there already...I'm sorry
 I was late!
Brogan--I wonder where he went...
Yorick--He's the sweetest englishman you'll ever have the 
pleasure of meeting!
Shilo--she's apparently everyone's angel...I don't know 
COWHAND--Shilo's boyfriend...he's really cool, but REALLY
Cyrano--a theater buff, like myself, so sweet!
Claudia1--my favorite Aussie!  We hang all the time...
Sweetsoul--she's just an aussie wannabe...but a cool one!
Leannes97--Sweetsoul's sister in Christ...I think it's 
really sweet!
Unicornstar--new to the room and totally cool...
Dark Wing--~~~He is the terror that flaps in the night!~~~
Bond--a great big *smooooooooooooooooooooooooooch* for him!
Mandelbrot--My buddy from Georgia
DriveBy--a really cool bud from California!
L0LA and Tadstick--sittin in the tree!  K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!
Snow Flake--She's probably cold, living in Alaska and all!
Stone Cold Steve--A Carolina boy, gotta love that!
King Zippy--A really cool guy to catch a movie with!
YLY1--The computer man...he knows everthing!
Imjazzy--YLY's way cool wife
FLASHLITE--A really cool dude!
PuDDyTaT--one crazy girl!
Kelly White--Thanx for the card girl!  This girl is the web 
page queen!
ArchAngel1--He for some strange reason, refuses so believe that 
I am princess and rule over twenties rule...

That's it for now...I know I left some people off, but I'll 
add them later!